About Us

Cardiac arrest is a highly lethal but treatable condition. Given its high incidence, even small improvements in survival will translate into many hundreds of lives saved annually in Australia and even more globally.

The Aus-ROC research programme builds much-needed knowledge to inform clinical practice guidelines and directly influence patient outcomes. Translation into practice is assured by collaborations with the CRE, including leading national and international researchers, clinicians, and service providers.


The mission of Aus-ROC is to provide infrastructure and project support for clinical trials and outcome-oriented research in the area of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.


  • To promote and conduct multicentre clinical research in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
  • To advance the education and understanding of research methodology.
  • To promote and facilitate the translation of research into clinical practice.

Aus-ROC’s strategic direction is governed by the Aus-ROC Executive Committee.


Our recent progress is seen in our Aus-ROC 2020-21 Biennial Report.