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Beck B, on behalf of the Aus-ROC Management Committee. Aus-ROC Epistry a boost for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes. MJA 2017
Cartledge S, Feldman S, Bray JE, Stub D, Finn J. Understanding patients and spouses experiences of patient education following a cardiac event and eliciting attitudes and preferences towards incorporating cardiopulmonary resuscitation training. A qualitative study. Journal of Advanced Nursing 2018 inpress
Riou M, Ball S, Williams TA, Whiteside A, Cameron P. Fatovich DM, Perkins GD, Smith K, Bray J, Inoue M, O’Halloran KL, Bailey P, Brink D, Finn J. ‘She’s sort of breathing’: what linguistic factors determine call-taker recognition of agonal breathing in emergency calls for cardiac arrest? Resuscitation 2018:122:92-98.

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